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Automotive Detailing

Perfection In Every Way , It’s Our Forte!

There is nothing more annoying than scratches that mysteriously appear on your vehicles paint; our skilled detailers are masters in their craft of scratch removal, sun damage repair, and many other quick fixes. Even more important we know how to make your car look as if the accident never occurred especially if you own a leased vehicle or should you want to resell your car. Come to Athans Auto Body & Paint for that back-to-new Automotive Detail!

  • Like-New Expert Automotive Detailing
  • Full Complete Buffing & Polish
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Touch-Up Paint Filler
  • Complete Scratch Removal
  • Clear Coat Damage Restoration
  • To Date Manufacturer Tools and Expertise

Check Out Our How To Video On Headlight Restoration