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Automotive Painting

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Automotive Painting

Quality That Lasts, We Guarantee It!

Perfection doesn’t come easy; our skilled painters are constantly learning about new technologies and techniques to get that eye-turning look. Even more important we know how to make your car to look as if the accident never occurred especially if you own a leased vehicle or should you want to resell your car. Our state of the art mix room allows for onsite color matching and mixing. Our environmentally safe paints, top-of-the-line equipment, and skilled expertise prove why we continue to be called the best!

  • Like-New Expert Automotive Painting
  • Full Complete Custom Paint Jobs
  • 100% Paint Color Match
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Enhanced Clear Coat
  • Eco Friendly Materials
  • Certified Automotive Paint Specialists
  • To Date Manufacturer Finish Expertise

“You Have The Option To Choose Any Auto Body and paint Shop!”

Expert Painters

Painting isn’t just a job, it’s our passion!

Saul Munoz

Covina’s leading automotive painter Saul has been with Athans Auto Body & Paint for over 15 years. His skill, expertise, and attention to detail prove why he is considered Covina’s Best Refinishing Expert!

Jesse Berumen

Jesse is a leading innovative painter that is now beginning to turn heads within the auto paint industry. His natural born talent and pursuit of education has developed him into the thriving painter he is today!