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Claim Handling

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If the unwanted stress of being in an auto accident isn’t enough; the hassle of dealing with insurance companies can be another headache. The claims process can be confusing, which is why we employ a highly trained staff to handle this process for you. We work with all insurance companies, and ensure a smooth stress free repair experience.

Read Before You Have Your Damaged Appraised By Your Insurance!

It is important that you schedule an inspection with your insurance appraiser to asses your vehicle’s damage at an auto body shop like Athans Auto Body and Paint in Covina. In order  to ensure a complete estimate of the damage,our trained technicians inspect the vehicle alongside your insurance company’s appraiser. Insurance companies occasionally try to lowball estimates by conducting inspections at your home, office, or their preferred auto body shop assuming their customers might keep the first check handed to them. You have the right to repair your vehicle at any auto body shop you prefer. Learn More

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